Saturday, July 4, 2015

LOTR - War in the North

When I began working at Snowblind Studios (which became WB Games but now Monolith), I had no game production experience, all but my time at Mainframe Entertainment.  Developing my skills in both software and art production was quite eye opening and has helped me become a better artist.
I had the most utmost privilege of modeling most of the creatures such as Urgost, all the trolls, the great eagle, fellbeast and many others.

Urgost : Marmoset renders

Great Eagle:  This model & its rig, was able to transition between spreading the wings in full spread, to folding them.
Great EagleReal time model viewer link to Sketchfab website.

Undead Troll: Concepted and model -n-game character 

Battle Troll : In-game renders

Emaciated Troll : In-game renders 

Human and Hobbits: In-game renders